Sunday, October 10, 2010

12 Random Thoughts I have to write randomly about gym, food, environment and more random shit during my lunchtime 10/11/10

Since I have so many rants in life and to my stakeholders (stakeholders?), Imma blog it na lang. So many things are bombarding my mind right now and it starts right now....

1. I realized I need to invest on stuff for working-out, after all, gym is like my most frequented place, probably even superior to my house. I  have tons of stuff I bought last year that until now I haven't even touched but my K-Swiss white snickers which I bought since I started working out in Gold's Gym is devastation personified. The sides are whacked, if they could only speak and curse me forever. But they are so fuckin' comfortable and very suited for the core class. I need a new pair like that!

2. Gold's Gym is both strategically and negatively located. Strategic because I just need to cross the street from work and I am there. And besides the comfort of the mall, the location itself is quite engaging. Negatively because adjacent to the gym are all those fattening restos and fastfoods that is quite ironic considering Gold's is a health-promoting institution. Hey, I have nothing against these food stuff, just ironic- come on eat-all-you-can restos, ice cream parlor and pseudo-healthful sandwhich stuff (Hmmm, well, if you consider cutting on those dressing, it could be for real..LOL)  beside the gym? You must be kididng. LOL.

3. I wonder why some people in the gym haven't had any change on their bodies since the first time I saw them (read: 3 years). Must be the genes? Must be the work-outs? Must be the diet? Or must be the instructors? Anyway, that's none of my business. :)

4. Next to bullying, I think lounging around and just chatting in the weights floor is super annoying because: 1. Gym is a  place to work-out and not to lounge around, as how we call it, 'luma-lifestyle'. 2. If you have to use an equipment on a regular set, make sure to finish it on time and cut your shit talking because for sure others want to use that too. 3. If you are trying to do super sets or doing circuits, expect to have some interruptions unless you do your sets like 6 AM or1130 PM when the people are less. But if you can't, just be considerate. Just because you have an instructor does not mean you can just hop in an equipment while someone is using it. Go alternate. It is annoying when someone tries to hop in an equipment when you are still using it. Be considerate, alternate, it isn't that hard.

5. Another annoying thing in the gym is when a girl flirts with an instructor and you can actually hear her sexually-charged giggles. Eowwww. Go get a room!

6. Ok, so it's hard to get back to that summer body I used to have. It's time to get used to a new built, and that chicken breast  + eggs + non-fat milk staple diet really worked. Last Friday night, I excruciatingly finished the last 2- piece of chicken breast adobo. Just when  thought I am so over the chicken breast diet, I found myself in the grocery buying kilos of chicken breasts yet again. LOL.Good thing my sister was in my place last night, she steamed the fillet for me.. Yay!

7. Probably the one thing I can not live without right now is my music player. Music is such an integral part of my life. May ganon! LOL. Seriously, music for me is as important as cellphone. :) I think I have been engaging my phone more as a player than as a communicating tool these days. I haven't used my itouch for months!

8. I believe that I can only do so much to retard the effects of humans to the environment. To be honest, I believe the effect of human activity is so small to what the natural geologic events can do to our planet, come on Permian and K-T extinctions make what we experience right now, a fairytale life. Nonetheless, we still are affecting the environment negatively. So as a pseudo-environment crusader in my own little way: 1. I try to skip eating in fastfood as strongly as I can (besides being junk most of them) because i think their wastes are just unimaginable. If i couldn't resist, i prefer those which use plates and metal utensils- no guilt on waste but full guilt on diet. I also don't use straw for my softdrinks. It's also irritating when people just leave their shit after eating on a fastfood. They say let the fastfood crew clean it. Hey, it will just take you a couple of minutes to fix the table and put the used stuff on the counter, after all we don't pay service charge. In the end, it's just a matter of simple discipline. :) 2. I enrolled some of my bills on-line so no more paper will be used to print my statements. When i withdraw, i don't ask for receipts anymore, less paper. Oh, even my prepaid load is on-line. 3. When I go to the grocery and just buy a small amount of stuff, I just put them on my bag to save on plastic bag. 4. I just couldn't throw garbage on the street, look at my bag, it's a garbage dumpsite.I still have a lot but this blog will take forever to finish I continue enumerating.

9.  I just laugh at myself sometimes in the gym when I am wearing basketball outfit- the jersey stuff. LOL. I don't even play balls, it's just that the size and the cloth are so comfortable and breathy and light. hahahahaa @ breathy, reminds me of feminine napkins. LMAO

10. Since I am only paying 15 pesos a ride in the MRT, should I be complaining about people with body odors? Ang akin lang, 1. I should be expecting things like that especially during rush hours, after all, the ride is just 15 pesos but 2. They should also be considerate about other people. Keep their smells to themselves, or their house! LOL

11. I must kill my laziness to move forward. I seriously want to be a fitness professional soon but i just can't seem to find the motivation yet. Well, more of the fear of getting rejected. But I have to start from somewhere and I guess rejection is one of them. Pretty soon, my confidence will be stronger and I hope the time comes that the right opportunity presents itself. I need to be strong on commitment as well, I need to cut the habit of just getting lazy in the middle of doing something. LOL

12. The most important thing about friendship, I think is, leveling expectations. Expectations must be on the same level for all parties involved. It's hard at first but in time when everyone is already calm, it will be a breeze.You can only give so much, so expect to receive that much. :)

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